Downtown San Diego has nice shopping centers. Lots of quality boutique stores for shoes and clothes. I strolled around window shopping until I found a some skirts and blouses on sale. I grabbed a few items and had a nice lunch at a nearby salad bar.  Traffic and parking in San Diego can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, the day I went, there was plenty of  free parking.




I got a pair of shoes and a new skirt. Just your basic black work outfit with a little bling necklace just for fun.




Charlie, my adopted cat did  not like the car trip to San Diego. As soon as we started moving in, Charlie vanished into the mess. Charlie is six years old, and he was not a happy boy, being carted across the country and transplanted into a foreign environment. He meowed, and whined, and hid out of site nearly all day. And then he got hungry. Now he waits. “Where is my bowl?”



I also have to get his litter box and bed ready. We are fortunate to live in a downstairs unit that already had a cat door installed that leads out to a small but private patio area. He can come and go as he pleases. I hope we can both survive this move and West Coast adventure.

Californians just seem to prefer fashionable organics in their clothing. Of course the weather helps a lot here, as you can get great organic short sleeve top, skirts, and shorts in summery, cute styles.  Finding quality organic clothing in the San Diego takes work, but it is there.   I found several close the beach.  Most of the shops are small to medium boutique stores with natural and organic clothing and lotions. Many of the items are made in USA. A few have makeup, but the selections are usually sparse. I did find some skirts that were a bit more dressy and  classy from Indigenous .  I’ve been getting  a lot of ideas  and finding organic clothing and natural skin products online . I like to educate myself about the new and established companies and clothing, and then try to find them in  a local store. I need to feel the fabric, inspect the stitching, and check the fit.






Finally got around to getting the wireless internet and subscription to Netflix going.  I ended up with ATT uverse bundle with internet, tv and home phone. At the moment, I’m don’t have a decent TV so I am just streaming shows from Netflix on my laptop. I have been binge watching House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and old episodes of Breaking Bad. I’m going to need to buy a TV with bigger screen and an Apple TV for streaming video soon so I can have friends and family over for movie night once in a while.


There is a wonderful  stretch of boardwalk at Mission Bay that is perfect for walking or biking. Although it is known as the “boardwalk” it’s actually a paved concrete path.  I went with a few friends on a weekday and rented some rollerblades. We hadn’t skated since high school and we were a bit tentative and wobbly at first. The boardwalk wasn’t too crowded and we were able to roll around and enjoy ourselves for about an hour.


San Diego has been terrific. Having lived in cold weather climes most of my life, it was a welcome change to be able to enjoy the beach in late summer.

I took a walk on the pier and  watched the surfers and body boarders ride small waves. It was about 79 degrees the day I went, and just a  little breezy. The California  mid day sun made it comfortable to be ocean side.  I went on a Saturday and there were lots of sunbathers and window shoppers along the beach strand. I’m going to need to spend more time visiting the stores. There are some cool hippie looking stores that sell organic and natural clothing and knick knacks that I want to check out.


I moved into a 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near the Mission Beach area. The condo is nice and clean, and the neighbors seem friendly. A couple of girls came over to introduce themselves and offered to take me sightseeing to get to know S.D. better.  Oddly, the condo has a faux fireplace that keeps the place warm. I say oddly, because afterall this is sunny San Diego and  I can’t see the need for much extra heat. Maybe there is a brief  one month winter here.






I’ll be leaving for San Diego California before Xmas. I am having a month long garage / yard sale to lighten the moving load. Some of my neighbors brought stuff over too, and they offered to give me 50% of the proceeds. They just want to get rid of some junk, and I wonder if I should have thought of this sooner.