Californians just seem to prefer fashionable organics in their clothing. Of course the weather helps a lot here, as you can get great organic short sleeve top, skirts, and shorts in summery, cute styles.  Finding quality organic clothing in the San Diego takes work, but it is there.   I found several close the beach.  Most of the shops are small to medium boutique stores with natural and organic clothing and lotions. Many of the items are made in USA. A few have makeup, but the selections are usually sparse. I did find some skirts that were a bit more dressy and  classy from Indigenous .  I’ve been getting  a lot of ideas  and finding organic clothing and natural skin products online . I like to educate myself about the new and established companies and clothing, and then try to find them in  a local store. I need to feel the fabric, inspect the stitching, and check the fit.






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